We are one week away from Vi Bella’s full-year 2016 catalog launch and we couldn’t be more excited around here.

We love working side-by-side with our artisans. Even though most days  we are a thousand miles apart, prayer keeps us connected.  Our hands touch every material that they will use and many of us travel to our centers throughout the year to train, encourage, and share all that is going on here in the states.  We make one remarkable team.

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Vi Bella pieces are designed nearly a year in advance at our home office in Sioux Center, Iowa.  Designers and staff research fashion and color trends.  We investigate materials that can be locally sourced in Haiti and Mexico and ways that we can recycle.  Samples are designed and tutorials are written.  Each new design is tested (and we ooh and ahhh over them a bit!)  One sample is used for our photography sessions and another sample is sent to the center that will create the jewelry, along with a tutorial.






There is no mail system in Haiti. Vi Bella relies on mission trips and individuals that are traveling to Haiti to bring needed jewelry kits to our centers.  For designs that will be created in Mexico, materials are sent to Laredo, Texas, and our site manager travels from outside Monterrey, Mexico to retrieve them.

We pack suitcases.  Lots and lots of suitcases.


We also reach out and partner with a few like-minded organizations, ordering their products to feature in our catalog. These groups are committed to the same things we are: providing a path out of poverty and giving back in tangible ways to the communities in which we serve.  This year we have linked arms with two new groups:  one from Ecuador, and another in India.

It’s a beautiful thing, seeing the smiles of our artisans and those of our partners.  There is such such pride taken in their work. 

We smile as wide as the children of our artisans who get the opportunity  to go to school, or attend an after-school programs.





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We are all celebrating this week.  The Vi Bella Sneak Peek Catalog is here. We’d love for you to take a look at just some of the beautiful pieces that have made the journey over the past year.  Each product has been carefully designed, hand-crafted, and prayed over every step of the way.

Click the image below to view our sneak peek  And if you simply can’t wait, we have some amazing SALES going on right now as well as a sneak peek special:  The Nilah Earrings.

From our family to yours, thanks for joining the beautiful journey.