Where does one begin when the story you want to tell doesn’t even seem real? None of the details make sense and the outcome is surreal.

It was like any other Sunday morning. Getting ready for church, chowing down on some pancakes and arguing with Loveson over which clothes to wear – he’s a total fashionista and always wanting to wear his best. I got a call from some staff at Tytoo that they were rushing my godchild, Rosie, daughter to a ViBella employee, to the hospital. She didn’t look good and was told to pray. I posted a quick message to Facebook saying we needed prayers and headed to church.


After church I had received another message that we should consider coming to the hospital with mom, Judeline, because things were not looking better. I really didn’t take the severity in their tone very seriously. I mean, Rosie came to visit us all the time at ViBella. She was only 13-months-old, beautiful and healthy. She had just started walking two weeks ago. The possibility of saying good-bye was so irrational; I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

We arrived at the hospital to only hear a very depressing diagnosis. Her pneumonia had turned into an acute respiratory infection and her body was in shock. Two nurses stood beside her as a machine was breathing for her. Mom didn’t even want to see the baby.

We prayed. We prayed one of those prayers where you just cry for God to show up. We prayed for miracles and grace.

My hands shook and body trembled as I knelt on my knees next to Judeline. This really couldn’t be happening, could it?