Hi Vi Bella friends! 

We are excited to share some amazing testimonies with you; testimonies that tell how God is bringing hope and joy to the lives of beautiful women who in many ways have been forgotten by the world.

Visit our blog every Friday to read stories directly from our Vi Bella artists that tell how something as simple as a job in an encouraging environment can impact a life in  a powerful way.  We want to give credit where credit is due – first to our loving God, who is blessing our efforts, however flawed, through Vi Bella, and second to the women who are the Vi Bella artists who have not given up on life, but continue to press forward in faith, believing that their life matters, that their life is in fact, beautiful.

Thank you, dear friends of Vi Bella for supporting these women through your prayers and by purchasing their lovely creations.

Meet Adeline


Adeline is a single mother who lives in this house with her son.  Every weekday, Adeline rides a tap-tap to work at the One Vision Vi Bella site.  These are her words, translated from Creole, but unedited:

“Vi Bella represents my husband, and a father for my child. Every bit of my hope falls here; it rests here because it is my only means of support. Working here has brought me closer to God. Each day here is a step closer. Prior to being here I had no hope in anything, including God, I had lost all hope. Vi Bella has helped me regain and rest my hope on God especially during our afternoon prayers. What I love most about work is the joy it brings us all. We can sit, joke, laugh and have our hearts lifted not just with happiness but joy.”