**Editor’s Note: Occasionally we work with guest bloggers to share stories of beautiful life and hope. Please enjoy this beautiful story from Teresa Coelho of The Power of Modesty.


I know what it’s like to live bankrupt financially as well as poor in spirit. And when you’re depleted of both, you’re left wondering where your hope is for the future.

I was desperate and God-less searching for my worth within the cesspool of the culture and signed a modeling contract hoping that a glamorous lifestyle would mend my wrecked way of thinking about myself. Tossed aside. Damaged. Worthless rubbish.

I’ve realized that sometimes we have to lose our life to find who we really are in Christ. God has rescued me from my past with a beautiful restored life, one that is hope filled with the purposes of God.

Paul said this: God deliberately chose men and women that the culture overlooks and exploits and abuses, chose these “nobodies” to expose the hollow pretensions of the “somebodies.” 1 Corinthians 1:28 (The Message)

God, He knows how to bring the bankrupt soul out from poverty. He places the hopeless on holy-ground creating a beautiful life, one He’s always planned for us. He’s the Master of a God-designed life for those that love Him.

I want to share with you a group of women that God refitted from underneath the rubbish, lives that were disjointed by extreme poverty, where moms had to choose to give their children up for adoption in hopes they’d find a better future.


God inspired Vi Bella to help restore what has been lost…hope. Vi Bella’s mission is to create jobs in a safe environment for women by designing beautiful jewelry from the broken pieces of plastic bottles and metal bottle caps left littered along the landscape in Haiti, Mexico and the United States.

When women are willing to take other women by the hand and redirect their lives, the greater mission becomes sharing Christ’s loves with them. God doesn’t disown the lowly He transforms hearts working all the glorious details of His saving grace so they’re able to live out their fullness of humanity for which they were created.

It’s through Christ’s love that Vi Bella is able to help heal the broken, bring hope to the hollow-hearted and life-change within poverty-stricken communities. By investing in these women you’re helping to create a beautiful life for them and their families in a sin-torn world.

Maude Necklace | Jovie Earrings | Model Shot

I got to enjoy a sneak peek into Vi Bella’s new Spring/Summer 2015 jewelry line! I let my daughter model the Maude Necklace and Jovie Earrings, which will be available for purchase starting February 16!

Come and be part of God’s beautiful story at www.vibellajewlery.com.

14300_10152521717432413_6017537469030923950_nTeresa Coelho is a speaker and writer for today’s woman who seeks the freedom of who God originally created her to be.

Reflecting from her own experiences as a young woman modeling in the fashion world, Teresa learned the hard way about modesty and purity. By applying Biblical teaching to her life, she has been able to give and pass on to her own girls and hundreds of teens God’s truths for women and how distorted these views have become by today’s culture.

Teresa has been blogging since 2009. Read more of her heart on her website and blog: Power of Modesty.