Our Vi Bella: Beautiful Life Ambassadors are truly inspirational. Each one has her own special reason for joining the team, and each story comes back to the fact that they are making life more beautiful for others through jewelry!

IMG_20150220_092331179IMG_2772Vi Bella has truly inspired me to be more than a typical woman. ” – Samantha

“Empowering others to live a more beautiful life is a blessing.” – Bryn

“My heart is so blessed when I get to help so many women on so many levels!” – Debbie

“Love makes the world go round, and through Vi Bella Christ’s love is in action and just keeps going and going and going…” – Jessica

“I joined Vi Bella because I want make a difference in the lives of the very people that we travel to Haiti to serve.” – Jennifer

“I want my girls to grow up in a Christ-filled life and know that helping others is truly life-changing; Vi Bella is a perfect way for me to show them that!” – Tracy

“I became a part of Vi Bella to help families stay together.” – Kristin

“Through the work that God has provided for me, I am able to love and care for my sisters-in-Christ every day.” – Janelle

“God is changing my life with Vi Bella..and the lives of many others in such beautiful ways.” – Heidi

“When I learned that mothers were having to give their children to orphanages because they were not able to provide for them, I was heartbroken. That’s when I joined Vi Bella, to make a difference. My favorite thing about Vi Bella is the great feeling you get when you know you are helping other women make a better life for themselves.” – Shelli

“Being an ambassador combines my love of both fashion and fellowship, allowing me to spread the inspiring Vi Bella story to friends, family and co-workers. It’s fashion for a purpose!” – Amy

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 Become a Beautiful Life Ambassador to create a more beautiful life for you and for others. Join the story that speaks light into darkness through the tangible means of unique handmade jewelry, stable full-time employment, and a circle of love and support from everyone involved. Look good. Do good. Join the beautiful story.