About Vi Bella:

What does the name Vi Bella mean?
Vi Bella means “Beautiful Life” and that is just what we strive to create for our artisans and their communities.  Our logo is a butterfly because we know that employment can be transforming for those in extreme poverty.  We create beautiful products that create even more  beautiful lives.
What sets Vi Bella Jewelry apart from other companies?
Vi Bella Jewelry is more than a company – it is a ministry.  Together we work with our Ambassadors, customers, and partners to help create a beautiful lives  for our artisans.  We employ women and men in Haiti and Mexico in our own centers.  We strive to work by our core verse, Micah 6:8 – Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly.
Is Vi Bella a business or a non-profit?

Vi Bella is a business with a mission!  We provide employment to more than 30 artisans in three countries. The sale of our products is invested back into the people and communities that we serve.

We do have a  non-profit arm of the company Vi Bella Serves which provides educational sponsorships for our artisan’s children in Haiti as well as projects that impact the communities we serve in Haiti and Mexico.

Our philosophy: We believe employment can change the world. Our business model focuses on empowering artisans to be self-sufficient through the dignity of a job and a way to support their families and give back to their communities.

Instead of simply donating to communities,  we hire and train artisans, creating a lasting impact and a path out of poverty. We create a marketplace for artisan products through our ambassadors, home gatherings and fundraisers.  We also link arms with other like-minded organizations through partnerships. We strive to live Micah 6:8: To act justly, love mercy, and  walk humbly,

How does Vi Bella empower artisans?

Vi Bella empowers through employment.  We believe that rather than simply donating funds to alleviate poverty, creating sustainable jobs has long-term impact on individuals, their families, and their communities.

In Haiti jobs are scarce and many go hungry. Many families make the heart-wrenching decision to give their children over to orphanages because they cannot care for them. The training, employment, and support that our artisans receive is life-changing.  

Artisans are proud to be able to provide good food, clean water and improved housing for themselves and their families. The money they spend on these commodities circulates throughout their communities, causing a ripple effect by supporting small businesses or individuals who have wares or services to sell.

We directly employ artisans through our own Vi Bella centers:  two in Haiti and one in Mexico.  All of our artisans are paid a fair daily wage.  In Haiti, our artisan’s children are given school sponsorships supported through Vi Bella Serves, our non-profit arm.  In addition to steady employment, our artisans are given the opportunity to engage in Bible studies and prayer at their work sites if they wish.

Vi Bella also gives back to the communities where our centers are located in a variety of ways.

Why do you use a direct sales business model?
We use a direct sales business model because it allows us to not only make lives beautiful for our artisans and their families, but it creates a beautiful business opportunity for our Ambassadors.  By selling our products through Ambassadors, we are creating awareness of our mission and a circle of support with all our employees, ambassadors, and customers.   Empowerment is very important to us and while empowering artisans we can also empower women here in the U.S. to earn an income for their families through the sale of Vi Bella products.

About our Jewelry:

How does Vi Bella design their products?
After research on fashion trends and sustainable materials, our  products are designed by our own jewelry designers.  Once samples are made, tutorials and materials are transported to our centers for instruction. Our artisans then complete the finished pieces.  


We also work with a few partner organizations, purchasing their products to support their artisans. We then market these pieces online and in our catalogs, widening the circle of empowerment.  These pieces are labeled as “partner pieces.

Are Vi Bella products recycled?

Many of our products are recycled and/or sustainable.  Plastic bottles, paper, and metal bottle caps that once littered the beaches near our centers are transformed into pieces that tell a beautiful story. To learn more about our products click here.

Some pieces are made by Vi Bella partner artisans. What does this mean?
We love linking arms with a few partner organizations, purchasing their products to support their artisans. We have a few of these partners with each catalog release.  We then market these pieces online and in our catalogs, widening the circle of empowerment.  These pieces are labeled as “partner pieces” and we currently work with organizations in Ecuador, India, and partner groups in Haiti.
Since products are handmade, what can I expect?
Vi Bella products will vary slightly because each piece is made by hand. Each piece may look slightly different in color and size from samples shown on our website,  by our ambassadors, or in  printed materials. Many products are one-of -a-kind and no two are alike!
How should I care for my jewelry?
To keep your Vi Bella Jewelry beautiful season after season follow these special care tips: your jewelry should be the last thing on and the first thing off, protect your jewelry from hairspray and perfumes, store your jewelry in airtight bags to prevent tarnish and tangling, and use a polishing cloth to keep your jewelry shining.

Ordering Questions:

How will Vi Bella ship my order?
All Vi Bella orders are shipped from our home office in Sioux Center, Iowa using USPS or UPS or FedEx, depending on your shipping choice.  (Standard shipping is $5.95 )You will receive an email when your package has shipped which contains tracking information. From the time the order reaches our shipping department (at the close of a gathering or fundraiser or directly from our website) please allow 7-10 days for arrival.
Will my card be charged at the time of purchase or when my order ships?
When purchasing product under a Beautiful Life Gathering or a Fundraiser, your card will be charged and sent to the Home Office to be shipped on the date the gathering is closed.  Be sure you talk with your Ambassador so you understand the date your card will be charged.  Any orders that are not related with a gathering will be charged during the time of purchase and shipped out right away.
What will I pay in shipping charges?
We have a flat rate of $5.95 on all orders.  You may pay more for expedited shipping.
Does Vi Bella ship internationally?
No.  We are sorry, but we ship only in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii.
I ordered some products through a gathering or fundraiser, when can I expect them to arrive?
Orders associated with a gathering are not shipped until the gathering is closed.  After that date, please allow 7-10 days for your product to arrive.
Will I be charged sales tax on my order?
Yes.  You will be charged your local sales tax on your orders.
My item is out of stock. What should I expect?
We work hard to keep items in stock at our Home Office.  But occasionally an item is so popular that we run out before a new shipment arrives  from our international centers. However, occasionally we will run out of  a particular item.  If this is the case, you will not be able to add the product to your cart.  We keep ambassadors aware of low-stock items and do not take backorders.  We will add inventory to our website as soon as it is available.

Ambassador Program:

How do I find a Vi Bella Ambassador?

Finding an Ambassador is easy! Go to our Ambassador Locator and enter your information! You can purchase products through our Ambassadors OR join their team!

What is the ambassador opportunity?

The Ambassador Business Opportunity is a unique way for people to join the journey alongside of us.  Our Ambassadors hold Gatherings to display product and share the Vi Bella story, and are then compensated financially for their sales.  To learn more about the Vi  Bella Ambassador Opportunity, view our Become an Ambassador page.

You manage your own centers? Does that mean my commission takes away from how much the artisans make?
Not at all!  Our artisans are paid a fair, daily wage that does not waiver based on our sales volume.  We are committed to consistent, fair pay for those who work in our centers and we take on the responsibility of marketing the products. Providing good jobs to help people walk out of poverty is the reason Vi Bella was started and is extremely important to Vi Bella.
Why do you use a direct sales business model?
We use a direct sales business model because it allows us to not only make lives beautiful for our artisans and their families, but it creates a beautiful business opportunity for our Ambassadors.  By selling our products through Ambassadors, we are creating awareness of our mission and a circle of support with all our employees, ambassadors, and customers.   Empowerment is very important to us and while empowering artisans we can also empower women here in the U.S. to earn an income for their families through the sales of Vi Bella products.
How do I become a Vi Bella Ambassador?

It’s easy! Fill out and submit your Vi Bella Jewelry Ambassador Enrollment and purchase one of our Starter Kit options.  Upon approval of your agreement, our Home Office will ship your Starter Kit and get you connected with the tools to start your Vi Bella Business! You will enter an online training program right away to kickstart your business and begin earning rewards right away.

How much does it cost to get started?

We have three different starter kit levels.  Your investment could cost you $99, $199, or $299 valuing you much more! View our Starter Kit options to learn more. 

In addition to beautiful product, your kit will include business supplies, a virtual office, online training materials, and support you will need to start your business.

How much can I earn?

When you start, you’ll earn a 25%-28% base commission on every sale you make. The more parties you book, the more sales you’ll make!


As you build a team and become a leader for new Ambassadors who join, you will earn a percent of their commission as well as bonuses on your team sales.

How often do I get paid?
Commissions are paid bi-monthly on the 5th and 20th of each month.  Bonuses are paid monthly on the 5th of each month.
What kind of support does Vi Bella provide?
As a Vi Bella Jewelry Ambassador, even though you are in business for yourself, you are not alone!  You will want to set your goals and hours you wish to work right away.  Vi Bella offers business supplies, a personalized website, online training and tools, training webinars, support from the community of Ambassadors and from Home Office in order to help you achieve your goals.  We also have a private Facebook group and an online community that will be cheering you on along the way. Our Director of Involvement is always a phone call or email away as your biggest encourager and resource!
Can I sell Vi Bella products online?
Yes.  Besides selling Vi Bella products at in-home gatherings, catalog parties, fundraisers, and cash-and-carry events, you will also receive a replicated website.  You will be able to direct customers to your personal website in order to make purchases, learn about the product and the story.  You are restricted from selling Vi Bella products on Etsy, Amazon, Ebay or any other online auction store.
Are there any additional rewards I can earn as an Ambassador?
Yes! All new Ambassadors have the opportunity to earn new products and business supplies for FREE during their first month, simply by hosting your first gathering, promoting your website, and sharing the products in your Enrollment Kit.  Our “Wings to Success” training program can be completed online during the hours that work best for you. After just one month you will be off and running, with generous rewards and free product to help grow your business. In addition, we run incentives to earn registration at our annual “Beautiful Life Gathering” as well as free product.  We even held an incentive for our Ambassadors to earn a trip to Haiti to meet our artisans!
Do you have monthly hostess and customer specials I can promote?
Yes! We have monthly hostess and customer specials that are great ways to book more gatherings and increase your reach in your community. You will have access to sales, promotions, and specials a month ahead of time so you can plan and promote these.
Does Vi Bella support charities and fundraisers?

Yes! Vi Bella supports people and their causes, adoptions, missions trips and non-profit partnerships by offering the option to hold Vi Bella Fundraisers where 30% of the purchases go to support their cause and 15% commission goes to the ambassador.

Vi Bella Jewelry also has a sister non-profit, Vi Bella Serves, which supports many initiatives that create educational and supportive opportunities for the communities in which we serve.  Learn more about Vi Bella Serves here.

How much do I need to maintain in sales each month to maintain my status as a Vi Bella Ambassador?
You will need to have ongoing sales to maintain your business. The minimum requirement each month is $200 in commissionable sales.  If an Ambassador is unable to meet the minimum requirement for a six-month rolling period ,they will be dropped as an Ambassador in our system.
Will I need to purchase additional marketing materials such as catalogs, order forms and business cards?
With your Vi Bella Starter Kit you will receive Vi Bella Product and marketing materials needed to get started, such as catalogs, order forms, a DVD of the Vi Bella story, and a virtual office.  Ambassadors can earn additional business materials through our “Wings to Success” training program that offers generous rewards.  You will also have the opportunity to purchase additional business supplies as needed.  Your virtual office will have images and documents that can be used for social media and marketing each month.
Are Gathering and Fundraising orders shipped to each customer or am I responsible for delivering product?
All gathering, website, and fundraiser orders are shipped directly to each customer so that you can focus on booking Gatherings, growing your business, and making an impact!  There is no need to sort or deliver products.
How do fundraisers work? Will I get commission if I organize one of these with a group?
Individuals and groups can set up a fundraiser with you as an ambassador. Any fundraiser that is approved and under you will generate 30% of sales back to the organization and 15% of total sales back to you on the next commission payment date. Ambassadors even earn a bonus commission on their downline for fundraisers held by their team!
Are there conferences that Ambassadors can attend?
We host an annual Ambassador Beautiful Life Retreat near our Home Office in Sioux Center, IA. This is typically held in June or July.  This is not a required event, but we strongly encourage you attend to help you form stronger bonds with your Vi Bella family, gain information and training, and to just have fun!  We also hold video calls to share new information from our Founder and CEO, as well as to keep you up-to-date on what’s new with Vi Bella.

Hosting a Gathering:

What is a Vi Bella Gathering like?

A Vi Bella Gathering is a fun and fashionable way to party with your friends and family while you shop for jewelry and accessories made by Artisans employed by Vi Bella.  While you receive style tips from your Ambassador, you will also learn stories about the hands of those who made our unique jewelry.  Each purchase is a promise of hope and redemption for our artisans – allowing any style or budget to join the journey.  We love to reward our hostesses and guests with monthly specials as well!  Talk with your Ambassador today to learn more about how fun and easy it is to hold a Vi Bella Gathering.

What are the benefits of hosting a gathering?
Our hostesses love hosting a Vi Bella gathering because they have the opportunity to not only earn free and half-priced product, but to also join hands with our Artisans.  Each purchase at a Vi Bella gathering is a promise of hope and redemption.
When can I host a Gathering?
You can hold a Vi Bella Gathering any day of the week – any time of the day! Be sure to talk with your Ambassador to check her availability.  Be sure to check your personal and local calendar to assist you in choosing a date that will work for most people – there is never a perfect date when everyone can come.
Where can I host a Gathering?
A Vi Bella Gathering can be held in your home, office, favorite coffee shop, anywhere!  Any place where you can get together with your friends and provide a space for your Ambassador to display the Vi Bella products will work. Even a restaurant table will suffice. Talk with your local Ambassador and see what she suggests for your specific gathering!
How do I prepare for my Gathering?
When it comes to your gathering, just remember to KISS – Keep It Simple Silly!  Provide a space for your Ambassador to set her display up, and she will bring the rest! Keep your refreshments simple and light – easy finger foods that allow your guests to nibble while they try on the unique jewelry is suggested.  Your Ambassador will provide a guide with simple steps to a successful gathering that helps you understand what you should be doing.
What if some of my friends can't make it?
Your Ambassador will provide a link for you to share with your friends to allow them to shop under your event online! Any orders placed through your online gathering will credit towards your Hostess Rewards.
Can I host a Gathering with a friend?
Yes! Talk with your Ambassador to learn more about the details of how to handle the hostess order.
How much space do I need to host a Gathering?
Any home is a perfect place to hold a Vi Bella Gathering!  Your Ambassador will need a space where she can set up a display of the beautiful Vi Bella product such as a card or coffee table, dining room or kitchen table, even a counter!  You will want a space where your friends can gather together and learn more about the product and story.
How long will it take for our new Vi Bella to arrive?
After your Ambassador has entered all the gathering orders and closes the Gathering, the Home Office will receive all the orders for shipment.  The shipping department looks for the fastest way for your order to get to you without additional costs.  Please allow 7-10 days  for your order to arrive after the closing date of the Gathering. If you need your order sooner, be sure to let your ambassador know so she can expedite your shipping.