I love being a mom and grandma!  My husband and I have been blessed with four children, two sons-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and two adorable grandchildren.
I was recently sent a copy of this 23 year old photo which brought back many happy memories.  Our older son Matt would often climb into Chris’s crib early in the morning so they could “scare” me when I came in to wake them up.  How I loved seeing those two mischievous little faces smiling at me as the two boys popped out from their hiding place under the blankets!


My husband, Kirk and I can truly say that we thoroughly enjoyed every stage of our children’s years at home, from infancy to college. Now we are blessed to have grandchildren who live near us.  What a joy it is to spend time with them, and to watch our adult children as parents!

All that said, I must also add that parenting, while it was good, was not always easy.  In fact, there were many times when it was very difficult, and exhausting!  I would guess that most parents would say “Amen” to that.  Kirk and I often commented at how much more difficult those times would be if we did not have a great support system around us.

One of our chief goals at Vi Bella is to help support Haitian families; to equip and empower Haitian mothers to care for their own children.  There are thousands of Haitian children living in orphanages.  What many people do not know is that many of these children have living parents.  These parents may love their child deeply and want to live with them, but because they are living in such extreme poverty, they are unable to care for their child’s most basic needs.  Out of desperation, many parents bring their children to orphanages in the hopes that they will provide a better life for them.  I was recently made aware of the fact that many Haitian children in orphanages are second and third generation orphans, meaning that one or more of a child’s parents and grandparents grew up in orphanages.  Many Haitian orphanages are working hard to provide their children with good care, but there is simply no substitute for the love of a parent in a child’s life.

julie_grand_children_orphange3 (1)

Most of our Vi Bella artists are mothers.  They are so happy to be able to provide for their children themselves.  Every one of our artists’ children was able to attend school this year because of their employment.  Their children are well fed and healthy.  Our fine Vi Bella managers have cultivated cultures in their work centers where our artists are encouraged and supported emotionally and spiritually, and where these lovely, capable women support each
other, so when difficulties arise in daily life, they have a strong support system.


As we celebrate Mother’s Day and remember how special our mothers are to us, we at Vi Bella want to say “thank you” for supporting the mothers who serve as our artists.  Your purchase of Vi Bella jewelry really does make a difference in the lives of many families!  We thank and praise God for the good work He is doing to break the chains of poverty and to allow families to stay together.

My prayer is that my Haitian friends who are mothers may look back in 23 years and recall precious memories of life with their little ones just as I was able to do this week.