Eleven-year-old Lydia Lee wanted to raise $5,000 for a playground in Haiti and a Vi Bella fundraiser was the perfect answer.  Her dream became a reality by simply reaching out to friends and family to sell Vi Bella Jewelry. What cause is close to your heart?  Let us link arms with you – all funds raised will benefit our artisans AND your charity!



Together we sold  more than $14,000 in jewelry! Our group was able to use the funds raised to provide scholarships, financial assistance, and support to mothers in our community. It was such a wonderful feeling to raise support for local moms while knowing that we were also equipping women in Mexico and Haiti to be the moms they were longing to be for their children.


Vi Bella Ambassador, Michigan

Want to earn 30% of all sales for YOUR cause by hosting a Vi Bella fundraiser? By linking arms with  Vi Bella, you have the opportunity to earn income for a cause that is close to your heart while being a world-changer!  

 Whether you are raising funds for an adoption, supporting a local non-profit in your area, or fundraising for a school or church project, Vi Bella can link arms with you!  Have fun with your friends styling them in unique Vi Bella jewelry and accessories knowing that you are also empowering artisans to provide for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Simply take orders from our catalog and online.  We handle the rest, shipping straight to your customers and your cause receives 30% on each and every sale. Want additional support for your fundraiser? Connect with us today!