Moms Helping Moms

As mothers, the desire to care for our children, to see them smile, and to be their best selves are universal longings. But for many moms in countries like Haiti, where jobs and resources are scarce, there are devastating choices that are made each and every day. Food, clothing, shelter, and education are only made possible for children when employment exists for their parents. Even in our own neighborhoods, many moms lack resources to care for their children due to domestic abuse or homelessness.

This is why  Vi Bella exists:  to impact moms through employment at a fair daily wage, funding education for children, and spreading joy.

We long for more joy in 2016. Joy spreads when ambassadors hold the hands of moms in Haiti and Mexico,  stepping into a business opportunity alongside our artisans. Together we create a circle of change and redemption.




Jessica joined Vi Bella as a beautiful life ambassador in 2014 and her words get right to the heart of what Vi Bella stands for:
“Being a mother is an incredible ministry. As mothers, we have the grand role of teaching, training, nurturing, and nourishing the little ones the Lord has blessed us with. I have discovered that if I expand my ministry beyond the borders of my own home and include my family in these efforts, an incredible amount of joy invades our hearts.


As I study the Word of God, I find that I cannot escape his instruction for his people to care for the oppressed and to give to the poor. God is not confined within borders, his love is for all nations and all people. I discovered that by becoming an Ambassador with Vi Bella, I can join in a work where God is active and moving. I have been blessed by my work with Vi Bella. You and I can be a part of something bigger than ourselves.”



Jessica also says: “As an Ambassador, I have the privilege of inviting others to join in the beauty of this ministry as well. Within my own home, I am teaching my children the valuable lesson of “loving your neighbor as yourself.” My daughters proudly wear their Vi Bella jewelry knowing that because of it, children like them are provided food to eat and the ability to attend school. When I host a gathering or fundraiser within my own community, I am inviting other women to participate in the beautiful redemptive ministry through Vi Bella all from right where we are.”

Jess and Joanne


Jessica uses the income from her Vi Bella sales to fund missions. Other women on our ambassador team set goals to supplement family income or save for a special family vacation.

“In my one year of being a Vi Bella Ambassador, I have experienced numerous open doors to share my faith in Jesus Christ and how my own life has been redeemed. Every compliment given on the jewelry I am wearing is an open door to share the story of redemption. My commission through being an Ambassador has opened more doors for my family to participate in even more mission efforts locally and globally. The result has been exceeding joy!”



We are grateful for Jessica, for her heart as a mom, and her commitment to spreading joy through her Vi Bella business.

As the new year begins, we invite you join the circle of women helping women by becoming a Beautiful Life Ambassador like Jessica.  Our Ambassadors host fun, joy-filled events with friends and sell beautiful Vi Bella jewelry that has been hand-crafted by our artisans. The sales support employment for women who would otherwise be living in extreme poverty. Becoming an Ambassador allows you to earn an income that gives you the opportunity to support your family. Ambassadors earn up to 35% commission on their personal sales, and the opportunity to gain activity bonuses.

Start the New Year with a new business and ministry and earn income from home. Wear beautiful jewelry, enjoy time with others, earn money and feel great about helping change lives for the better.

To kick off the New Year, we are offering $50 in extra jewelry for new ambassadors and two kits that will kick-start your business.


Contact Janelle, our Director of Involvement, or click here to get started.

Join the Journey.  Let’s spread more joy in 2016.