“Just Go”:  An Idea Book is now available through Vi Bella Jewelry!

We love partnering with Christian authors in carrying messages of hope and healing out into the world, and this recently released book by LaRayne Topp is very special to us.


One of the chapters contained in this book is the story of our very own Vi Bella Founder and CEO Julie Hulstein.  As you may know, Julie started this company after a mission trip to Haiti with Mission of Hope more than six years ago. Her deep conviction to create solutions for those living in extreme poverty has since grown into a movement and business that now impacts whole communities through the employment and empowerment of more than 60 artisans creating beautiful jewelry in Haiti and Mexico.  This business and these relationships create even more beautiful lives for their families and communities, and for us here in the United States as we stand up together against the ravages of poverty.

Julie was interviewed for this book and shares a bit of her heart and dream for Vi Bella in its pages, which is both inspiring and a challenge.


From the author:

“Have you ever wondered if your life could be fuller, richer, a force for good?  If there’s a way for God to work through you to ease and enrich the days of others on their on their life journey? 

We often think of a pastor or missionary to a foreign country as a calling, but often God whispers in ways that make us missionaries right where we are.  For example, when a tornado hit the late Valdene Peterson’s hometown in Nebraska, she felt God whisper to her to open a coffee shop.  She thought to herself “how would that help?”  But what she found is that when she just went in the direction she felt God lead her, God was already there.  The gathering place she created became the place where FEMA staff gathered and where the community clung to each other, determining who was alive and who needed help. A true ministry.  Her story is part of this beautiful collection.

The pages here invite us to remember that a calling is not always a job in ministry.  A true calling is not mustered up on its own.  But rather, a calling is created by God to reach every corner of our world and our community, spreading love, comfort, and often creating great impact for Him.  And the author, LaRayne Topp does not want this book to end when you have completed the last chapter. It is subtitled “The Idea Book” because she longs for it to open your eyes and heart to the idea that God might be calling you, too.  

This book is a starting point, a conversation- starter, and a challenge to be sure to listen. Maybe there is a calling, a whispering of the words “Just Go.”  The challenge is to listen.  The stories in this book will help you uncover ideas uniquely your own. You may be challenged to have a conversation with God and then be prepared to step out in faith to do God’s work. To just go.




LaRayne’s book is available now through the Vi Bella website and also through our nationwide team of ambassadors!  Find your copy HERE





About LaRayne:  LaRayne M. Topp has enjoyed the world of freelance writing since she began putting words together for the local newspaper in 1987. A journalist and English major by education, Topp is a member of the Nebraska Writers Guild; is a stringer for a daily newspaper; has been a contributing editor for a number of regional and national magazines; and is also both a novelist and non-fiction writer. Her other books include  Eighty-one Seconds,  Letters from Lee, Women at the Reins, and Images of America.  Connect with LaRayne on her website or Facebook.