When you visit our home office in Sioux Center, Iowa, beyond the packaged jewelry and the new designs that line the walls, you may hear the clacking of metal work and witness the quiet and concentrated presence of La Princia, a full-time Vi Bella employee . LaPrincia

La Princia began as a volunteer with Vi Bella during a tremendously difficult time in her young life. As part of a transitional living program she was encouraged to volunteer and begin a routine as she and her daughter created a life of their own. The life she had fled before coming to Sioux Center seemed to follow her in the form of anxiety and worry. She needed an outlet and a purpose.

What began as a few volunteer shifts each month turned into a part-time and then a full-time job.  A job that would open up doors that she could walk through. Doors that would also open opportunities for her daughter, Iliana. LaPrinciaIlLianaSmall (2) In addition to earning a steady income doing something she loved , the Vi Bella staff became an extended family and a gathering of cheerleaders as she forged a life for herself and her daughter. La Princia set a goal for herself to complete her GED and attended classes in the evenings after she left work. She was determined. In December she did complete her GED, but that was not the only goal that La Princia accomplished.  In March she was able to move out of the transitional housing center into her own house.

“I’m not scared now to do what’s right. I used to be so scared to be on my own, but I’m paying my own rent now and my favorite place is being home with my daughter, relaxing. I can finally relax.”

Recently La Princia was also baptized at the church she had been attending with a friend.  This decision has brought her peace and reassurance.

“It was freeing to tell my story. I feel loved at work and at church.I left a bad place but it was all I knew. Now I know better.  I want my daughter to live better. I want her to live the life I wanted all along.

When asked about her favorite bible verse, she quoted:

Psalm 119:50 – “My comfort in my suffering is this: your promise preserves my life.”

We celebrate the beautiful life La Princia has created for herself and her daughter.  We are honored that Vi Bella has been part making her dreams a reality. LP (2) Did you know we have a necklace named after La Princia?  It’s simple and sweet just like her.  She is wearing it in the picture above with her daughter. Her daughter has a Vi Bella Jewelry namesake, too:  The Iliana necklace.  Aren’t they just beautiful?