Our Products

Vi Bella has a commitment to not only transform lives, but also the landscape with our jewelry and accessories.

Our products help clean up our environment.

Paper Beads

Our artisans transform discarded paper into beautiful beads that tell a story of redemption.  Newspaper and magazines are cut, rolled, and then sealed to make beads in various shapes and sizes that are then painted and finished to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs.

Featured Product: Evelyn Necklace

Bottle Beads

A unique Vi Bella design, bottle beads are handmade by our Haitian artisans by using recycled plastic bottles. Bottles are sanitized, cut into strips and painted. Heat is used to finish these unique beads.

Featured Product: Celebration Bracelet

Metal Art

Haiti has long been known for creating art by recycling metal oil drums. The drums are cut down the middle and manually flattened. Then designs are intricately created using a hammer and chisel. The result is beautiful, upcycled metal art.

Featured Product: Arrow Metal Set

Bottle Cap Beads

Metal bottle caps are recycled by our artisans in Mexico, molded to create a large, rounded bead. The bead is then covered in lightweight paper and finished with enamel. These upcycled creations are perfect to create a statement while still being lightweight.

Featured Product: Hazelbrook Necklace

Hand Beading

Hand-beading is a tedious and time-consuming method of stringing individual beads on wire. This process creates intricate, detailed designs that compliment many Vi Bella pieces.

Featured Product: Denise Bracelet


The tagua nut grows from the ivory palm tree in Ecuador. These nuts are carved, tumbled, and then colors are added with natural vegetable dyes. As a sustainable resource, the creation of these beautiful pieces is kind to the environment. These pieces provide jobs for those in extreme poverty in Ecuador, through one of our partner organizations.

Featured Product: Trinity Earrings


Ethically sourced bone is sliced, heated, and flattened. Each unique piece is then molded, sanded, and polished until a smooth surface is formed.

Featured Product: Aniose Necklace

Clay Beads

These organic and chunky beads are hand-rolled, fired and glazed from Haitian clay. This is similar to the clay many poverty-stricken families resort to eating in an attempt to ward off hunger. Every bead carries a powerful story of redemption and hope.

Featured Product: Ruth Key Chain

Majok Seeds

Majok seeds are locally sourced in Haiti and the holes in each bead-like seed are naturally occurring, making them perfect for stringing into beautiful designs. These seeds are lightweight and carry the beauty and story of Haiti.

Featured Product: Acadia Necklace

Wire Wrap

Wire wrapping is one of the oldest and most intricate techniques for making jewelry. Vi Bella artisans create these designs by connecting wire and beads together with meticulous handmade detail. Often the wire is bent and wrapped around itself, making a loop or decorative-shaped pendant.

Featured Product: Charayah Bracelet

Coconut Shells

Coconut shells are hand carved by artisans until smooth. Each is organic and one of a kind.

Featured Product: Rhea Earrings


The unique patterns of goat and cow horns are used to create gorgeous, sustainable pieces. Our horn is locally sourced in Haiti then sanded and polished until a smooth surface is formed, revealing it’s natural beauty. Each piece displays it’s own, unique look.

Featured Product: Nerio Bracelet

Bwa Chén

Bwa Chén means “wood chain” in Haitian Creole. Each wooden pendant is hand-carved by Judith, a Vi Bella artisan in Haiti. Accented with gold leaf, this pendant is lightweight with an organic feel.

Featured Product: Laney Necklace

Lava Beads

Black lava beads are made from basalt, a lightweight and porous material that’s created during a volcanic eruption. The holes and bubbles created by the explosive eruption makes these beads perfect for creating pieces of jewelry.

Featured Product: Montana Necklace

Hand Stamping

Hand stamping is used by our artisans to imprint letters onto the surface of metal. When using this technique, not every letter will line up exactly, creating a rustic, individual look to each handmade piece.

Featured Product: Loralie Necklace

Sari Scarves

These unique scarves are from India where artisans bring the story of saris to life with their hopes and dreams as they lovingly hand-stitch each and every one. They are a unique way to upcycle using reclaimed saris to create a timeless one-of-a-kind piece for your wardrobe. Each one is totally unique – so unique that there will never be another one exactly like it.

Featured Product: Verdant Scarf